Sales & Marketing Director

Staci Bundy

Staci Bundy's background is a blend of family, farming roots, insurance acumen, and her current role as a sales director at Probuilt Pool & Patio. Hailing from the plains of western Kansas, Staci's upbringing on a farm instilled in her a relentless work ethic and a deep appreciation for the land. A proud alumna of K-State, she embarked on a distinguished 24-year career as an insurance agent, gaining accolades for her knowledge and client-focused approach.

Married and nurturing three children, Staci effortlessly juggles her thriving career with her family's needs, showcasing remarkable time-management skills and unwavering dedication.

Staci's love for the Kansas landscape is mirrored in her hobbies - running and golfing - which she embraces to foster her physical and mental well-being. Her life's journey is a testament to the seamless integration of diverse passions.

Today, Staci Bundy has seamlessly transitioned her wealth of experience into her role as a sales and marketing director at Probuilt Pool & Patio. Her deep understanding of client needs, coupled with her passion for connecting people with their desires, make her an invaluable asset to the team.