CEO - Chief Everything Officer

Shelley Oswalt

Shelley has been with the company since the beginning and has no problem diving in and tackling whatever issues need to be addressed. If you have a question, Shelley has the answer.

Driven, disciplined, and dedicated to her work, Shelley appreciates her role with Probuilt Pool & Patio and has no shame in admitting that working from her home office is ideal for her because it caters to her ability to keep things organized, efficient, clean, and at the ready, whether professionally or personally. (What this means for Probuilt Pool & Patio customers is that everything you need will be handled efficiently and in good order. Shelley thinks of things that need to be done before you even consider them. She’s just that good.)

Taking a page from her grandma’s book of life wisdom, Shelley believes that your experiences in life are not so much in what happens to you, but in how you react to what happens to you. For Shelley, stress is a motivating force and rarely an obstacle. As the acting captain of this ship (and Chris would agree!), she has confidently learned how to adjust the sails in every situation.

Despite the stressful days (which we all have, no matter what line of work we do), Shelley handles it all like a pro. However, if she could invent a holiday, it would be Layout Monday, where she could just relax by the pool every Monday and leave her cares behind. (Yes, we are pretty sure she would lobby to make this a National Holiday.)

Off the clock, Shelley loves adventures in travel and enjoys escapes to Mexico on occasion or just hanging out in her backyard oasis. Give her a People magazine to read or a challenging crossword puzzle to conquer, and she is in her element.