Project Manager

Shane Dority

As our Regional Manager, Shane, who has a background as a welding technician, is a huge asset to the company. A hard-working person, he always seems to have a smile on his face and has an innate ability to see the positive in every situation. That attitude comes in handy with the work he does for Probuilt Pool & Patio.

“I enjoy the great staff I get to work with every day,” he said. “I also enjoy the opportunity to do something different all the time, as no two jobs are the same.”

When not helping our staff, our crews, and our customers, Shane loves to be at the lake. Summer is a favorite time of year for Shane, as that is when he can enjoy a lot of camping and boating. He also values spending time with his family and friends, just playing yard games, and spending as much time as possible as he can outside. Of course, he is a huge fan of our championship football team, the Kansas City Chiefs!

Not one to back down from an opportunity or a challenge, Shane lives with a go-getter mentality, leaning into the sentiment, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Finally, if Shane was ever granted a superpower, he said he would love to be able to fly, and for good reason.

“Too much time in life is wasted driving,” he mused.