Operations Manager

Paige Warner

As our cheerful and spirited Regional Operations Manager, Paige handles her duties (which is code for “everything,” with a strong focus on permits) like a pro. She is an integral part of this well-oiled machine. However, Paige aligns best with an easy-going vibe, preferring to go with the flow rather than moving at Mach One with her hair on fire. For that reason, she appreciates the relaxed nature of the company, which allows her to handle the aspects of her job more productively. She understands what it means to take one’s job seriously, but she also believes in having fun along the way.

Paige always does what it takes to get the job done but refuses to sweat the small stuff. She has a keen perception on what is important and what should take priority. With versatility as her superpower, Paige is a highly integral part of the Probuilt team. Ambitious, talented, driven, and committed to doing things right the first time, we know we can always rely on Paige to do what needs to be done – from permits, to logistics, to pool setting and more. She can even operate a crane and a telehandler!

When not helping our awesome clients, Paige enjoys anything that can be done in the summer months and is also passionate about skateboarding, going on walks, and playing sand volleyball. Of course, at the end of the day, sharing a good meal with friends definitely tops her list.

If Paige wasn’t working for Probuilt Pool & Patio, she sees herself on stage, delivering punchlines and laughter to an enthusiastic audience as a comedian. There’s one thing for certain: you can’t miss Paige’s upbeat and inspiring personality. She is part of what makes working at Probuilt - and being a client of ours - such a pleasure.