Finance Manager

Emily Foley

We don’t know where we’d be without our awesome finance manager, Emily, who also happens to be the daughter of our fearless leader, Chris Oswalt. A taskmaster at heart, Emily is an integral part of the managing the financial aspects of the company. (Somebody has to do this, right?) To date, the work Emily has done for us will definitely look good on a resume!

A genuinely happy, positive, and upbeat person, Emily tends to spread that radiance to everyone she meets. She enjoys working with her family and appreciates the little moments in life, such as time with her cat Caribou, shopping, traveling, going on walks, spending time with friends, and watching movies.

Not one to just settle for the status quo in life, Emily continually stretches herself by reading inspirational and motivational books. One of her favorite titles is The Power of Now, which is essentially a discussion of how people interact with others and with themselves, focusing on being present and in the moment. That is the kind of attention one can expect when working with Emily, as she is a loving, happy, and caring person. She just has a natural way of inspiring others when she is around them.