Inground Fiberglass Pools

The Ovation

By Aviva Pools (select markets)

Bench Seating Swimming Channel

The OVATION Collection takes a bow to the splendor of the full-width splash pad
and the full-width bench, but with a more reserved approach.

Its beauty is not in its grandeur, but in its sincerity. The design is not boastful,
but sure of itself with its calming presence and confidence.

Whether you want to slip away by yourself, or be with family and friends,
this design is a timeless statement of sophistication.

The OVATION is a homage to what many families long for in today’s most glamorous and exciting pools: a full-width splash pad PLUS a full-length bench along one side. The real beauty of this design is with its unique sizing. Three lengths that fit perfectly with many of today’s urban environments or for those who prefer a more subdued backyard display.

The OVATION provides the joys of a full-length splash pad but in a size that allows it to better fit in more compact environments (measuring over 12 feet.) This is complimented by a full-length bench (or exit/entry step) that is better suited for urban backyards or for those who prefer a smaller pool. It is an opportunity to marry contemporary style with customized landscape design to create your perfect outdoor oasis.


All measurements are approximate.

Length Width Deep Shallow
30' 12'6" 6' 4'5"
26' 12'6" 5'8" 4'5"
23' 12'6" 5'4" 4'5"


Color Options

Images for illustrative purposes only. Actual color may vary.

  • Aviva Pools - Tahiti Blue

  • Aviva Pools - Maldives Blue

  • Aviva Pools - Amalfi Turquoise

  • Aviva Pools - Seychelles Sand

  • Aviva Pools - Santorini Sky

  • Aviva Pools - Exuma Silver

  • Aviva Pools - Gibraltar Grey

  • Aviva Pools - Bora Bora Black