Inground Fiberglass Pools

The Luxe

By Aviva Pools (select markets)

Spa Swimming Channel Bench Seating

The LUXE Collection is designed to build upon the foundation of the VOGUE.

We used the platform of our large entry area / splash pad and we did something outrageous. We placed an incredible spa on it.

Now you are able to enjoy the benefits of soothing water against your body from atop your contemporary splash pad. We invite you to place yourself within this luxurious life and treat yourself, your family and friends to an experience you have earned and deserve.

The LUXE is a statement pool that starts with the dramatic splash stage that covers 9 feet 9 inches at the shallow end and extends 13 feet 4 inches into the pool. A luxurious built-in spa that measures 7 feet 1 inch by 7 feet 8 inches has descended on top of the stage to create a stunning work of functional art that is best admired from the swimming pool that rests just beyond it. The spa has a natural spillover that flows into the splash pad creating a gentle waterfall. This is where dreams come true.

The LUXE is available in three lengths (30, 35 and 40 feet) with a common width of 15’ 5”. It provides a full swimming channel with five feet of room at the shallow end which opens up at the deep end of the pool. It has a deep end step out seat and bench that serve as a compliment to the safety ledge around the pool – as well as the built-in spa and splash platform.


All measurements are approximate.

Length Width Deep Shallow
40' 15'5" 6'6" 3'11"
35' 15'5" 6'2" 3'11"
30' 15'5" 5'10" 3'11"


Color Options

Images for illustrative purposes only. Actual color may vary.

  • Aviva Pools - Tahiti Blue

  • Aviva Pools - Maldives Blue

  • Aviva Pools - Amalfi Turquoise

  • Aviva Pools - Seychelles Sand

  • Aviva Pools - Santorini Sky

  • Aviva Pools - Exuma Silver

  • Aviva Pools - Gibraltar Grey

  • Aviva Pools - Bora Bora Black