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The Dynasty

By Aviva Pools (Limited to Kansas City)

Bench Seating Swimming Channel

The DYNASTY Collection was created for those who believe in taking contemporary design to a showcase level.

We have accomplished this with the creation of an expanded entry area / splash pad platform that still allows for an open channel of swimming beyond its stage.

The size allows it to be used as a centerpiece for forward-thinking landscape design while remaining purposeful. Relax with friends and family while enjoying the pleasures of a swimming pool. Now available in three lengths.

The DYNASTY is a bold design for those who want to stand out and wish their pool be a statement. This design features a stunning splash pad that measures 12’10” in length and 6 ½ feet in width. You have the option of three lengths to allow you to choose your dream pool to perfectly fit your home for a luxurious swim.

The DYNASTY has a commanding splash pad that serves as a stunning platform to an inviting pool below it. Two editions (26 and 30) offer a ‘wading pool’ concept with a slim 12’6” width and deep end depths under six feet. Our newest edition (35 feet) expands the pool lengthwise and also in its width (to 13 feet) and depth (to over 6 feet). It offers a more robust swim area for those who wish to combine form and function.


All measurements are approximate.

Length Width Shallow Deep
35' 15'5" 3'9" 6'2"
30' 14'6" 3'11" 5'11"
26' 14'6" 4' 5'9"