Over a decade of experience

Probuilt Pool & Patio has built sunrooms, patios and screen rooms for happy customers since 2006.

Prices that beat the competition

We work hard to offer prices that beat our competitors while still giving you the highest quality sunrooms and patio enclosures.

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The professionals at Probuilt Pool & Patio can design and build any type of sunroom while making sure it will always be a great addition to your home. Adding comfort, value, extra space and improving the appearance of your home is our top priority.

What makes ProBuilt’s sunroom better & than any sunroom on the market?

Here’s the TOP 10 reasons:

  1. Our sunrooms are 800 times more energy efficient than the majority of the sunrooms out on the market & stands alone as the most energy efficient room.
  2. Our sunrooms are the ONLY sunrooms built to match any home. This means we can match any homes interior or exterior out on the market.
  3. Our sunrooms are the only sunroom that utilizes 100% hidden fasteners. We don’t have bulky screws that stick out on our frame work with the appearance of a mobile home or battleship.
  4. Our sunrooms are vinyl cladded and fiberglass reinforced unlike our competitors who utilize metal frame work.
  5. We are the only sunroom company that offers 6 different window styles,3 different door styles, 5 different window colors, and custom color to match any home.
  6. We are the only company that meets energy codes to be able to remove an entire wall of your home and open it up to a sunroom.
  7. We are the only sunroom company that qualifies as a true addition to your home.
  8. Our roof R – value starts at R-24 then upgrades to R-34, R-43, R-52. No other sunroom company offers a R value greater than 24. This means a much more insulated room than any of our competitors.
  9. We can adapt any roof shingle on the market & we also have 20 different applications for our ceilings.
  10. We have unlimited applications for our flooring. We offer a lifetime tile that is manufactured locally here in Kansas City with all of our sunrooms, while our competitors leave you looking for your own flooring and installation. We can offer any tile, carpet, or hardwood flooring option.

Probuilt's sunroom professionals will assist each homeowner with sunroom plans, sunroom flooring, sunroom kits, sunroom addition designs, sunroom addition floor plans including the interior decor of your beautiful new sunroom.

The Kansas and Missouri professionals of Probuilt Pool & Patio and their design team have the experience, class, trust, integrity and knowledge that it takes to design and build the perfect sunroom that you choose while adding the appearance and value back into your home.