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The professionals at Probuilt Patio Enclosures can design and build any type of sunroom while making sure it will always be a great addition to your home. Adding comfort, value, extra space and improving the appearance of your home is our top priority.

Choosing the perfect sunroom requires many factors. We have listed several options below based on the mid-west climate and the ultimate purpose of your sunroom.

  1. Screen room
    A screen room is built as an addition to an existing balcony, deck or patio. This type of sunroom is best in warmer seasons because it allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the insects and animals. You will enjoy the additional bug-free space. With screens you can maintain the open feel of the addition.
  2. Studio sunroom
    A studio sunroom consists of a single, sloped roof designed to adapt to almost any existing roof design allowing you to add the sunroom of your dreams to your deck or patio. With this sunroom you can create that perfect space. Studio sunrooms are available with floor to ceiling glass for an open feel or with a solid wall sided to match your home for a little more privacy. Studio sunrooms are available with three season or four season options. The professionals at Probuilt Patio Enclosures will provide all the guidance and expertise to make your dream room a reality.
  3. Three season room
    Built with single pane windows and screens, this type of sunroom offers more protection in inclement weather.  A three season room can be accessed during spring, summer and fall weather.
  4. Cathedral sunroom
    A cathedral sunroom is a true room addition that is fully wired for electricity with a hidden breaker system. These top quality sunrooms come standard with the highly coveted window screens. In addition to superior strength and durability, these screens offer increased visibility and light transmittance, improved air flow and maximized insect protection. Cathedral sunrooms add to your existing home structure, and extend your living space with valuable square footage.
  5. Porch enclosures
    Porch enclosures are one way to expand your living space, or “internal area”, in your home by using your existing porch, patio, or external area as a starting point for the structure. In some cases it can be as simple as putting glass or screen panels around a patio or porch with proper flooring.  Porch enclosures can also come in many different variations, and Probuilt's professionals will share all options available to transform your porch.
  6. All season sunrooms & four season sunrooms
    Built with more sturdy materials, four season sunrooms offer year round protection against the elements of the outdoors. Homeowners can use this type of sunroom year round without worry of the weather. There is a lot more experience and knowledge that is required for building this type of sunroom. The professionals at Probuilt Patio Enclosures and their highly experienced design team can provide you with the knowledge to help determine the best options. 

Probuilt's sunroom professionals will assist each homeowner with sunroom plans, sunroom flooring, sunroom kits, sunroom addition designs, sunroom addition floor plans including the interior decor of your beautiful new sunroom.

The Kansas and Missouri professionals of Probuilt Patio Enclosures and their design team have the experience, class, trust, integrity and knowledge that it takes to design and build the perfect sunroom that you choose while adding the appearance and value back into your home.

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