Outdoor Furniture

Dash Bench Splash

By Tenjam

Splash Dash Bench (straight shape):

#SPL11601BX_ _BL: Splash Dash Bench, Color TBD, Black Cupholders

#SPL11601BX_ _WH: Splash Dash Bench, Color TBD, White Cupholders

47″ Length x 18″ Width x 16.5″ Seat Height, 31 lbs

The Splash version of these benches can be used in the shallow water of a swimming pool, up to 10” water depth. The Splash version adds a handle opening on each end, 2 removable cupholders, and openings on the bottom so pool water can easily enter the core of the bench when set in the pool and allow the bench to be easily pulled from the pool without having to deal with drain plugs. This allows you to set the bench in the pool at anytime and then easily remove it from the pool when you want to cover the pool, clean the pool, or just want to use the bench on your patio.

  • Modular: design allows for many arrangements.
  • Stay Dry Top: designed so liquids run off the top.
  • Raised Bottom: allows air flow under the bench to eliminate moisture trapping.
  • Round Edges: increased safety by eliminating sharp edges and corners.
  • Wide Base: great seating stability.
  • The Splash version has no metal components
  • polyethylene construction with UV fade inhibitors
  • Made to last in swimming pools – safe for all pool types including vinyl liners.
  • Strong – can support over 750 lbs
  • 100% recyclable
  • 5 Year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

      Are you looking for a product without cupholders and not modified for in-pool use? If so, check out the Session Series version of the Swerve & Dash Benches. That is the version that goes into schools, libraries, parks, healthcare, and other non-pool applications.