Fire Pits & Fire Places

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Fire Pits & Fire Places

A fire hole, fire pit or a fireplace can vary from a simple pit dug in the ground to an elaborate gas burning structure of metal, brick and stone. Fire pits, no matter their type, are designed to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading, providing comfortand enjoyment for the occupants of the property.

Outdoor fire pits or fireplaces can be a great source of warmth during the cold fall nights, without the surrounding walls to capture and retain the heat. The experienced and skilled professionals at Probuilt Pool & Patio will make sure that as much heat will be utilized as possible in the surrounding area.

An outdoor fireplace is similar in construction to an indoor fireplace and is usually added to a brick, concrete or stone patio. An outdoor fireplace often consists of a chimney and a firebox to keep it working and looking its best, you should maintain and clean it regularly. Make sure that the ash buildup is removed on a regular basis.

Unlike indoor fireplaces that are generally designed for heating, outdoor fireplaces are mostly used for cooking. Many property owners choose designs with wood-fired ovens that will allow them to create meals such as casseroles and pizzas. An outdoor fireplace can be the focal point in your outdoor kitchen.

However, an outdoor fireplace can also be a source of warmth. Typically, the effective heating area is less than 180 degrees in front of the fireplace opening. You should be within 10 feet from the actual fire to feel the cozy warmth. On the other hand, fire pits can be in square, round, rectangular or similar shapes and people can sit around it which allows more attendees to be close to the heat. As they are easy to place and less costly to install, fire pits have become quite popular.

Apart from being used for cooking and heating, some property owners decide to install an outdoor fireplace just as a decorative element, which allows them to enjoy a crackling fire while entertaining their friends and guests in the backyard. Keep in mind that some municipalities may prohibit purely decorative fireplaces. Building codes will vary from place to place, and you should find out if there are any restrictions you should take into account when planning your outdoor fireplace.

If there are burn bans in your area, gas fueled appliances may be allowed and operated since they have a controlled flame. Also, there may be some communities that will have covenants in the homeowners bylaws which do not allow smoke fires. Simply consult the Professionals at Probuilt Pool & Patio. You can count on us for an honest advice and up-to-date information.

Pre-made fire pits are the most common type of fire pits and can be purchased from a store. These are commonly made of metal, pre-cast concrete and a combination of stone and metal tables. They are usually powered by propane, natural gas or bio-ethanol. Another common type of pit is wood burning fire pitthat is made of metal but under increasing scrutiny due to CO2 emissions and fire bans. Propane and natural gas burners in these sort of prefabricated pits are certified under CE (European), CSA (Canadian) and ANSI (American) standards. Uncertified and unregulated fire pit burners are increasingly being inspected by regulatory authorities and being denied permits.

To make a fire pit, only a hole is required in order to safely contain the fire. This can be very simple as all you need to do is dig a hole in the ground, but if you want a more appealing pit, you will need to erect a rock or brick pillar. Keep in mind that if you choose a wood burning fire pit, you should make sure that it is located at least 10 feet away from any structures for safety reasons.

The Professionals at Probuilt Pool & Patio stand out from the competition and will determine the best option for the homeowner when building a fire pit/fireplace.

  1. The Dakota smokeless fire pit
    An aerated scheme for building a fire with no or little smoke is known by scouting and camping experts as the Dakota fire pit. For this type of fire pit, 2 small holes should be dug up in the ground: one to provide a draft of air and the other for the firewood. Small branches are placed into the fire hole and readily combustible material put on top and lit. The fire burns brightly, strongly and with little to no seen smoke.
    An interesting fact is that the US Marine Corps use the Dakota fire pit as a tactical fire since the flame produces reduced smoke, a low light signature, and is much easier to ignite in the case of strong wind.
  2. The Artisan Steel Bowl Fire Pit
    Steel bowl fire pits are made of a pressed or rolled steel bowl and are considered luxury items as they can be quite expensive. The sides of the bowl can be decorated and different styles of legs are added. Artisan Steel Fire Pits are made of 1/4″ thick carbon steel and if you choose this type of pit it will last for decades to come.