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There is nothing more relaxing than having a backyard hideaway. With all of the various choices for barbecue and grilling available to homeowners, it is important to discuss your needs with the professionals at Probuilt Pool & Patio. Our qualified experts will inquire about the type of grilling and cooking you prefer for your outdoor barbecue.

Probuilt Pool & Patio was established in 2006. We have a design team that is eager to discuss all of your choices. We will take all key elements, measurements and grill type to create the beautiful and functional design that best fits your needs.

  1. Ceramic Kamado Grills
    Barbecue enthusiasts all over the world have proclaimed it to be the best grill out there. Ceramic Kamado style grills enjoy a deeply passionate and large following base. This type of grill is made with thick grates and offers a great versatility. They are very convenient to use as you can control the heat. Whether you want to do smoking at low temperatures to searing at high temperatures, you will get the desired results. The ceramic Kamado grill is your best choice for the ultimate type of entertaining.
  2. Gas BBQ Grills
    Due to a number of reasons, Gas Grills are among the most popular on the market. The leading factor so many homeowners prefer this grill is the convenience they offer. Easy to light up to the desired temperature in a matter of minutes, the gas grill is a great choice for all people who want to prepare the food fast. Another great advantage is that they are easy to clean. Choices are natural gas or propane.
  3. Electric Grills
    Electric grills are no longer for those who cannot use a charcoal or gas grill. Savings and convenience make the electric grill a preferred choice for many people. You will not have to worry about the cost to refill your tank or monitoring propane levels. Electric grills are convenient and cost effective. They produce no fumes, and they heat up quickly.
  4. Charcoal Grills
    Those who love the smoky flavor, choose charcoal grill. These grills offer a specific and consistent temperature. Charcoal is easily moved around in the fire to direct the heat exactly where it is needed. Keep in mind that the charcoal grills can offer the same size cooking surface at a more affordable price compared with the gas grill.
  5. Pellet BBQ Grills
    If you have a Pellet BBQ grill in your backyard, you will definitely enjoy the flavor and versatility of cooking with hardwood. BBQ wood pellets come in a variety of flavors such as mesquite, cherry and hickory allowing you to turn a piece of meat into a delicious meal with rich flavor.
  6. Smokers
    Get yourself a barbecue smoker and inject some divine taste into your cooking! With a smoker, you get the chance to cook with an indirect heat and smoke that gives the food a unique flavor. Just add different types of sauces, rubs, wood chips, or wood. Many people believe smoking is a healthier option for cooking since it is a closed method rather than open air, and nutrients and flavor are trapped inside.
  7. Grilling Accessories
    Every grill is incomplete without all the necessary grilling accessories. Do you use your grill at night time? Shed some light with a grilling lamp. Protect your grill from the elements with durable weatherproof cover and make sure to roast turkey or chicken on a rotisserie. From simple BBQ tools like stainless forks, tongs and spatulas to digital wireless thermometers, the professionals at Probuilt Pool & Patio can suggest a full range of accessories to ensure that your grilling experience is an enjoyable one.
  8. Grilling Charcoal & Fuels
    There is a great variety of charcoal that can give different flavors to your outdoor grilling. You can add cherry wood chips or mesquite to your fire to create a subtle difference in taste and pleasing aroma to your meals. For ceramic grills, lump charcoal is a good alternative to charcoal briquettes. It burns clean, starts easy and can even get hotter than briquettes when enough oxygen is allowed.