Article Questions You Should Ask Before You Build a Backyard Pool By Probuilt Staff April 27, 2022

So, you’ve been considering getting a backyard pool and are ready to dive into this significant yet equally exciting investment. You realize a pool is going to increase the enjoyment you have in your home, in your backyard, and even in your family, as you will be creating loads of memories with them as you gather in and around the pool as often as you can.

Before you proceed and sign on the dotted line, however, there are a few questions you should ask. At Probuilt Pool & Patio, educating our customers is an integral part of our business model and process. When you have more information, you are far more likely to have the confidence you need to follow through on your dream to purchase a backyard pool.

So, let’s ask a few questions before we begin building your fabulous backyard swimming pool:

  1. How do I plan to use my pool? You have to take into consideration who will be the primary users of the pool. Will it be the kids or the adults? Will it be for fitness or just for relaxation purposes only? Are you planning on entertaining frequently and hosting amazing backyard pool parties? Once you can focus on why you want a pool and how you intend to use it, you can narrow down your choices as to the type, size, and overall design of the pool.
  2. What features do I want for my pool? What shape and size do you want? Do you want water features? Fire features? LED lights? Do you want a sleek and contemporary pool or one with lines that go with the flow of nature? What about landscaping? You can have some pretty elite landscaping or just go with the basics. The choice is yours. It all comes down to lifestyle, preferences, and, yes, your budget. Also, you should build your backyard pool with future intentions in mind, as well. If an outdoor kitchen is a thought for down the road, then it is less expensive and easier to just run the water and gas lines when you install the pool rather than to do that later.
  3. Where will I put the pool with respect to the layout of my backyard? This is when you have to read up on local laws and regulations regarding backyard pools. There may also be restrictions on how close to your neighbor’s yard your pool can be. Further, you may also have to take into consideration rules about fencing around your pool, depending on where you live.
  4. What are the materials I intend to use to build my backyard pool? For in-ground pools, the three main options are gunite (concrete), vinyl liner, and fiberglass. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. At Probuilt Pool & Patio, we highly recommend fiberglass swimming pools for their durability, ease of maintenance and quick installation times.
  5. As a pool owner, what type of equipment will I need? From pumps and filters to pool cleaning equipment, it is important to understand what you will need to operate and maintain your pool safely.
  6. Who will build my pool? This is a key question. Find out from friends and neighbors with pools who built theirs. Do online research. Read reviews. Contact the Better Business Bureau. Or just call the experts at Probuilt Pool & Patio. We are the Kansas City area and beyond pool builders you can trust. We can make your backyard dreams come true!