Article Awesome Landscaping Ideas for Privacy for Your Backyard Pool (And what does Harry Potter have to do with it?) By Probuilt Staff January 12, 2023

Now that you have a backyard inground fiberglass pool (or are seriously considering investing in one), you may want to consider landscaping ideas to enhance the privacy of your outdoor oasis.

Privacy around the backyard pool tends to be a huge concern for pool owners. There is something to be said for an outdoor sanctuary that is yours and yours alone, free from the prying eyes of outsiders peeking in.

If you are one of the more than 10.7 million residential pool owners in the United States, you are in good company. Not only are you a proud owner of a backyard pool, but you also stand among many who desire to keep their oasis private.

To that end, we have a few solutions for you if you don’t want to be on full display while swimming, playing, or relaxing in and around your backyard pool.

  1. Install a fence. This is one of the most common ways to secure some privacy for your backyard. From wooden ones to plastic ones, fences come in many types of materials and in a variety of designs and sizes. Fences not only afford you some privacy, but they also add a layer of aesthetic appeal to your yard.
  2. Be a hedgehog. No, we don’t mean the animal. We are referring to shrubs that are shaped into attractive rows of beauty. (Think: Harry Potter and the thick maze in the Goblet of Fire edition.) A great plant for a hedgerow is the Monkey Apple or the Lilly Philly. These can grow up to 16 feet tall and even 20 feet wide. (How’s that for some privacy?)
  3. Tree it up. You may want to plant some trees that produce thick foliage. Plant these around the outer perimeter of your yard.
  4. Consider tiered plants and trees for pool privacy. You can create a stunning garden in your backyard and around your pool by layering plants and trees. First of all, imagine taller trees on the outer perimeter. Then, incorporate medium-sized shrubs and plants in the middle. Follow those with some bright colors, smaller shrubs, and maybe even some succulents.
  5. Install a pergola. This is an ideal complement to your backyard pool setting. Not only does it provide a hint of style and ambiance to the space, but it also offers some shade from the sun. Further, a pergola is the ideal centerpiece. You can accent it with drapes and curtains. Add a few plants, and you have a veritable masterpiece.
  6. Rely on a retaining wall. Depending on the topography of your backyard, a retaining wall may be in ideal structure to give some additional privacy as well as highlight your yard in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

For any questions or concerns about creating privacy around your backyard inground fiberglass swimming pool, contact Probuilt Pool & Patio today. As the largest inground fiberglass pool builder in the Midwest, we specialize in all things pool-related, including the solitude, tranquility, and seclusion for the outside world you want and deserve.