Article 7 Ideal Reasons to Get a Spa (#4 Might Just Knock You Out!) By Probuilt Staff May 30, 2022

When you build a new swimming pool, there is an exciting array of features you can add to expand your beautiful backyard oasis. You can get water features, a splash pad, a tanning ledge and so much more. Another wonderful addition to your backyard pool is a spa. If overall health and wellness are important to you, then you should consider adding a spa to your backyard wonderland.

A spa does wonders for your health on many levels. When you incorporate one into your backyard pool design, you are elevating your entertainment and wellness experience to an entirely new level.

Here are 7 distinct reasons you should get a spa, especially if health and wellness are at top of mind for you:

  1. A Focus on Wellness. A spa offers myriad therapeutic benefits for both your mind and body. You can relax in the warm water and instantly feel calmer and more relaxed. It is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. You can literally feel the tension wash away within mere minutes. A spa envelopes you in bliss and happiness. Yes, some folks may argue you can do the same in your bathtub, but with a spa you have the added benefit of being outdoors and among nature. Those elements alone only serve to enhance the overall experience.
  2. Aids with sore muscles and recovery. Dealing with a sore back or aching muscles? Consider a spa your liquid medicine. A form of hydrotherapy, you can relax as you position yourself in conjunction with the jets for maximum relief and comfort. When your body needs a little extra care, a spa can come to your rescue.
  3. A form of gentle exercise. When you have a spa, you have a unique fitness center. Many people struggle with joint pain when exercising on dry land. In a spa, that is greatly mitigated. Working out in the water reduces the stress on your joints so you can enjoy a low-impact workout and also discover a new and comfy way to stretch.
  4. Improved sleep. Did you know that a good soak in warm water helps you enjoy better sleep? When you are in hot water, your body temperature increases. That changes the flow of your blood. That change in blood flow, along with your warm muscles, gives your body a chance to decompress. Plus, a soak in a spa allows your brain to relax and puts it in a calm state. Translation? You can fall asleep faster and enjoy an improved night’s rest.
  5. Improved circulation. When you soak in warm water, your blood vessels relax, which makes them widen. This allows your blood to flow through them more easily. When you have good circulation, your body can enjoy better digestion, supported cell growth, muscle recovery, and, in some cases, even better blood sugar levels.
  6. More fun. Spending time in a spa is fun. That in and of itself supports your mental well-being. Adults and kids can gather together in a spa and just enjoy each other’s company. When it is too chilly to be in the pool, you can spend time in your spa and simply appreciate time with friends and family.
  7. Overall relaxation. When you think of a spa, doesn’t a time for relaxation immediately come to mind? Consider it your own special haven to chill out and find your Zen. Pipe in some soothing sounds or install a waterfall near the spa for added tranquility.

Adding a spa to your swimming pool not only elevates your own personal experience, but it also heightens the beautify and design of your backyard. It serves to create a strong sense of serenity to the space. We like to call that Heaven on Earth, and we’d love to give you a slice of that experience.

At Probuilt Pool & Patio, we believe it is important to have your pool and spa match. We take great pride in our ability to do this right. For any questions on a new pool, spa, or pool/spa combo, contact us today. We are ready to get to work.